Fatherhood Hiatus

I’ve gotten quite a few inquires as to what I have been up to lately. I took up carpentry and I love it. I’m still writing songs and I play guitar regularly. I’m not touring much but I have played a few shows. I hope to make a few albums in the next year or two. One will be a lullaby album, one will be about St. Francis of Assisi, and one will be about my home life (working title is “American Foursquare”). I’ll most likely use kickstarter or some type of crowdfunding to get these projects done. More than anything, I have been spending my time with my wife and two little boys. I am focusing on being present and enjoying family time. I was reading Patti Smith one night and came across this quote:

“I have abandoned so many projects but in the ’80s when I left public life to be married and have real children – I love my children and I would never sacrifice them for anything – I had to find a way to simultaneously be a mother and wife and fulfill my duties and still be true to myself as a writer.” – PATTI SMITH

I realized I felt the same way. I once felt guilty about creative output expectations but I have decided to just focus on creating when I can and no longer worry about it. Here’s the good news — Every time I make an album I feel a sense of creative explosion in the months leading up to it. I am feeling that way now. My silence should not be much longer.

In the meantime, find me here:

Instagram (where you can see plenty of photos of my family and carpentry projects)