Posted on: October 22nd, 2018

Dear Friends and Fans,

As many of you already know, I’ve taken a break from music for the last few years to be present with my family and build my woodworking business. During this time, my desire to make music has never waned. I’ve been writing songs, recording ideas and demos in my spare time, and figuring out how to put it all together. What I need most is some focused time and resources to find my feet with these new songs and start recording.

I was recently explaining this situation in response to a email I received from a fan who inquired about my next musical project.  To my complete surprise, they offered me up to $5,000.00 toward my next album if I can get other fans to match it. Their generosity is both confounding and beautiful. I have a week to raise the money.

So here we are at a surprise phase #1 fundraising for my new album. There is no minimum or maximum donation, but every donation of $10 and over will receive a free download of two of my new demos (and my sincere gratitude!).

To keep the transaction fees down, I am skipping crowdsourcing websites and handling this exclusively through Paypal. I would really appreciate it if you shared this with anyone you know who is a fan of my music or who enjoys supporting art in this way.  You can share by copying this link: My hope is that I can raise this first batch of money via small donations from many fans and that this gives me an opportunity to reconnect with those with whom my music has resonated with over the years.

Also – If for some reason we break the thermometer and raise over $12,000.00 (does not include matching donation), I will not need to further fundraise next year. I will give a download of my album to anyone who wants it and I’ll make it available on all digital outlets. (Hard copy media like Vinyl and CDs will have a separate pre-order due to manufacturing costs).

Please include your current e-mail and address in your donation so I can send you a personal thank you and a link to the demo songs.

UPDATE: WE DID IT! WE REACHED OUR GOAL OF $5000.00! THANK YOU SO MUCH! What happens now? As I mentioned in a Instagram update, if we raise $7,000 total I will record three Christmas songs and make them available for free in time for the holidays this year. I’ll do a full wrap up video once the campaign comes to a close. Thanks!

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Fatherhood Hiatus

Posted on: October 4th, 2017

I’ve gotten quite a few inquires as to what I have been up to lately. I took up carpentry and I love it. I’m still writing songs and I play guitar regularly. I’m not touring much but I have played a few shows. I hope to make a few albums in the next year or two. One will be a lullaby album, one will be about St. Francis of Assisi, and one will be about my home life (working title is “American Foursquare”). I’ll most likely use kickstarter or some type of crowdfunding to get these projects done. More than anything, I have been spending my time with my wife and two little boys. I am focusing on being present and enjoying family time. I was reading Patti Smith one night and came across this quote:

“I have abandoned so many projects but in the ’80s when I left public life to be married and have real children – I love my children and I would never sacrifice them for anything – I had to find a way to simultaneously be a mother and wife and fulfill my duties and still be true to myself as a writer.” – PATTI SMITH

I realized I felt the same way. I once felt guilty about creative output expectations but I have decided to just focus on creating when I can and no longer worry about it. Here’s the good news — Every time I make an album I feel a sense of creative explosion in the months leading up to it. I am feeling that way now. My silence should not be much longer.

In the meantime, find me here:

Instagram (where you can see plenty of photos of my family and carpentry projects)



Posted on: October 1st, 2015

Denison will be returning to Europe in October and November for several dates in Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.  Full details and ticket links below:

28/10/15 – BARCELONA @ Heliogàbal
29/10/15 – MADRID @ Siroco Lounge
30/10/15 – OURENSE @ Café & Pop Torgal (American Autumn)
31/10/15 – VIGO @ La Casa De Arriba

2/11/15 – Frankfurt, DE @ Ponyhof
3/11/15 – Kiel, DE @ House Show (tickets: )
4/11/15 – Hamburg, DE @ Hasenschaukel
5/11/15 – Aachen, DE @ House Show (tickets: )
6/11/15 – Oberhausen, DE @ Druckluft
7/11/15 – Kassel, DE@ Schlachthof
8/11/15 – Göttingen, DE @ Nörgelbuff
9/11/15 – Berlin, DE @ Grüner Salon
10/11/15 – Halle, DE @ House Show (tickets: )
11/11/15 – Leipzig, DE @ House Show (SOLD OUT)
12/11/15 – Erfurt, DE  @ Engelsburg
14/11/15 – Stans, CH @ Pillow Song
15/11/15 – Rüsselsheim, DE @ Waschsalon

Posted on: August 21st, 2015

September 18, 2015 – Steubenville, OH @ The Harmonium Project (TICKETS)
September 19, 2015 – Indianapolis, IN @ Living Room Show (RSVP/INFO by email to )
September 20, 2015 – Elkhart, IN  @ Living Room Show (TICKETS)
September 21, 2015 – Lansing, MI @ Living Room Show (TICKETS)
September 22, 2015 – Dayton, OH @ Living Room Show (TICKETS)

Are You A Dreamer? VINYL RELEASE

Posted on: April 16th, 2015

A decade after its original release, Are You A Dreamer? will be issued on vinyl. Count Your Lucky Stars and New Granada Records are celebrating the album’s ten-year anniversary with its inaugural vinyl pressing, co-releasing a limited pressing of black, oxblood (New Granada exclusive), and sea blue vinyl (Count Your Lucky Stars exclusive), available July 25th, 2015.

Pre-orders are available now:
New Granada:
Count Your Lucky Stars:

Originally released on July 26, 2005, Are You A Dreamer? sold more than 10,000 copies worldwide and has been licensed/released in Europe (Bad Taste Records), Australia (SPUNK!), and South Korea (Ales Music). It features a talented collection of musicians, including Innocence Mission’s Don and Karen Peris, Sufjan Stevens, James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens, Alexi Murdoch), and Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), filling out the sound of Witmer’s personal narrative tales.

Are You A Dreamer? is loosely conceptual, examining beginnings, endings, imagination, faith, aspiration, and the world of dreams. In Denison’s own words: “Are You A Dreamer? is about finding peace and remaining hopeful in a situation that feels completely out of control. A lot of people are feeling defeated right now. We’re full of anxiety associated with our society’s pressure to become something more important than what we feel we currently are. We’re constantly being told that if we’re not moving forward (or able to prove how we’ve gotten to where we are with perfect checks and balances), then we can’t be trusted or taken seriously. Are You A Dreamer? is giving in to life’s mysteries, picking yourself back up, and continuing to go for it even in the face of a string of failures.”


“[Witmer] sounds ready…cannily fleshing out his sound with help from friends, but never losing sight of the style he’s honed for years.”
– Pitchfork

” If you’re a fan of Elliott Smith or Sufjan Stevens, I definitely suggest picking this up.”
– Absolute Punk

“Witmer manages without apparent effort the tremendously difficult task of making hugely attractive music”
– Allmusic (4 stars)

“A romantic perspective of spirituality coupled with a human perspective on love and questioning those questions never asked.”
– Relevant Magazine

Are You A Dreamer? TRACK LIST:
Side A:
01. Little Flowers
02. Everything But Sleep
03. Ringing Of The Bell Tower
04. Are You A Dreamer?
05. East From West

Side B:

06. California Brown And Blue
07. Castle And Cathedral
08. Worry All The Time
09. Grandma Mary
10. Finding Your Feet Again

Denison will be touring this May & June supporting William Fitzsimmons:

MAY 12 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Cedar (TICKETS)
MAY 13 – Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall
MAY 14 – Chicago, IL @ City Winery
MAY 16 – Columbus, OH @ Woodlands Tavern (TICKETS)
MAY 17 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
MAY 18 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre (TICKETS)
MAY 20 – York, PA @ York Central Market House
MAY 21 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
MAY 23 – Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live (TICKETS)
MAY 24 – New York, NY @ City Winery
MAY 26 – Boston, MA @ Café 939 (TICKETS)
MAY 27 – Montreal, QC @ Petit Campus
MAY 28 – Toronto, ON @ Horsehoe Tavern
MAY 29 – Ann Arbor, MI @ The Blind Pig
MAY 30 – Indianapolis, IN @ The HI-FI
JUNE 4 – Nashville, TN @ City Winery
JUNE 5 – Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight
JUNE 6 – Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theater (TICKETS)
JUNE 7 – Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl (TICKETS)
JUNE 9 – Birmingham, AL @ Saturn (TICKETS)
JUNE 10 – Oxford, MS @ Proud Larrys
JUNE 11 – New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues (TICKETS)
JUNE 13 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
JUNE 14 – Austin, TX @ Stubbs Jr
JUNE 15 – Dallas, TX @ The Kessler Theater
JUNE 16 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s Café & Bar
JUNE 17 – St. Louis, MO @ The Bootleg


Posted on: February 25th, 2015

All shows with William Fitzsimmons

MAY 12 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Cedar (TICKETS)
MAY 13 – Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall
MAY 14 – Chicago, IL @ City Winery
MAY 16 – Columbus, OH @ Woodlands Tavern (TICKETS)
MAY 17 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
MAY 18 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre (TICKETS)
MAY 20 – York, PA @ York Central Market House
MAY 21 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
MAY 23 – Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live (TICKETS)
MAY 24 – New York, NY @ City Winery
MAY 26 – Boston, MA @ Café 939 (TICKETS)
MAY 27 – Montreal, QC @ Petit Campus
MAY 28 – Toronto, ON @ Horsehoe Tavern
MAY 29 – Ann Arbor, MI @ The Blind Pig
MAY 30 – Indianapolis, IN @ The HI-FI
JUNE 4 – Nashville, TN @ City Winery
JUNE 5 – Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight
JUNE 6 – Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theater (TICKETS)
JUNE 7 – Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl (TICKETS)
JUNE 9 – Birmingham, AL @ Saturn (TICKETS)
JUNE 10 – Oxford, MS @ Proud Larrys
JUNE 11 – New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues (TICKETS)
JUNE 13 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
JUNE 14 – Austin, TX @ Stubbs Jr
JUNE 15 – Dallas, TX @ The Kessler Theater
JUNE 16 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s Café & Bar
JUNE 17 – St. Louis, MO @ The Bootleg


West Coast Living Room Tour – November 2014

Posted on: October 27th, 2014


All shows with Angelo De Augustine.

*Shows ticketed directly through Denison are advance tickets only. Some shows will be ticketed at the door and others through host’s ticket links. Please click the TICKET link or INFO link for more info about each show.

Poster by Thomas Monson

European Tour 2014 / RollingStone Germany

Posted on: November 25th, 2013

Denison is returning to Europe in February and March for 5 weeks of shows supporting William Fitzsimmons. Also, RollingStone Germany gave Denison’s newest a 4 stat review! Check out the full list of tour dates and review below.

FEB 14 – Frankfurt, Germany @ Zoom
FEB 15 – Dusseldorf, Germany @ Zakk
FEB 16 – Hamburg, Germany @ Kampnagel
FEB 18 – Erlangen, Germany @ E-WERK
FEB 19 – Freiburg, Germany @ Jazzhaus
FEB 20 – Köln, Germany @ Gloria
FEB 21 – Bielfeld, Germany @ Forum
FEB 23 – Aschaffenburg, Germany @ Colos Saal
FEB 24 – Berlin, Germany @ Postbanhof
FEB 25 – Dresden, Germany @ Beatpol
FEB 26 – Müchen, Germany @ Feierwerk
FEB 27 – Stuttgart, Germany @ KJH Hallschlag
MAR 1 – Hannover, Germany @ FAUST
MAR 2 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega
MAR 3 – Kiel, Germany @ Pumpe
MAR 5 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
MAR 6 – Brighton, England @ Komedia
MAR 7 – London, England @ Garage
MAR 8 – Manchester, England @ Night & Day
MAR 10 – Munster, Germany @ Skaters Palace
MAR 11 – Luxemborg, Luxemborg @ Den Atelier
MAR 12 – Leuven, Belgium @ Het Depot
MAR 13 – Gent, Belgium @ Handelsbeurs
MAR 14 – Paris, France @ La Maroquinerie
MAR 16 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Komplex
MAR 17 – Fribourg, Switzerland @ Fri-Son
MAR 20 – Linz, Austria @ Posthof
MAR 21 – Heidelberg, Germany @ Kulturhaus Karlstorbanhof
MAR 22 – Leipzig, Germany @ UT Connewitz

Posted on: July 9th, 2013

“Witmer continues to build upon the progress he’s made over his 15-year career as a superb songwriter, and with the subtle yet decisive arrangements he lays the perfect bed for his lyrics to shine…. If you’re looking for something quietly magnificent and uplifting, then you may have found it.”
– Paste Magazine


Fall 2013 tour dates:

November 13 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall * SOLD OUT
November 15 – Nashville, TN @ Bluebird Cafe * SOLD OUT
November 16 – Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl *
November 21 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge *
November 22 – San Francisco, CA @ Swedish American Hall *
November 23 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe * SOLD OUT

December 2 – Brussels, Belgium @ Witloof Bar *
December 3 – Hamburg, Germany @ Kampnagel *
December 4 – Cologne, Germany @ Kulturkirche *
December 5 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Bitterzoet *
December 6 – Vienna, Austria @ B72 *
December 7 – Munich, Germany @ Atomic Cafe *
December 10 – Berlin, Germany @ Lido *
December 11 – London, England @ The Borderline *
December 12 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Bogen F *
December 14 – Paris, France @ La Loge *

* Supporting William Fitzsimmons

Posted on: June 20th, 2013

Denison was recently American Songwriter Magazine’s Writer Of The Week.
Read the interview here: AMERICANSONGWRITER.COM